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In the Columbia to Clark Missouri area

I'm Bill and I cut, split, dry, and deliver firewood. I split and stack my wood and let it dry  for about a year so that it burns great. I sell firewood in 16-inch lengths and 12-inch lengths.  I also sell 8-inch lengths for chiminea fireplaces and pizza ovens as well as 4 inch lengths for mini-pizza ovens.  I also sell BBQ chunks in mesh bags for smoking meat.  The wood is delivered in sturdy blue Ikea bags or in bulk.  Check out the options for firewood below and give me a text or call.

Check out my description of central Missouri firewood as well as how to take care of your firewood.


I will not sell wood before it's time.  Firewood has to be split to dry well.  Firewood has to be dried to 20% or less moisture content to burn well.

Unsplit wood will hold the moisture in the wood for years.

Oak and Hickory has to be split about 1 year ago for it to be dry enough to burn well.  The larger the split, the longer it has to dry.

Some will sell wood that is "seasoned."  How long has it been seasoned?  I am splitting wood now to sell in a year.

Dry firewood is the key to not have creasote in your chimney.  Make sure your chimney is clean then burn dry firewood and you will have no problems for a long time.


 I deliver free in the Clark to Columbia, MO area!

Check out your firewood options below.


  • Call or text me to order: (573) 631-3210.
  • Payment on delivery: Cash, Venmo,  PayPal or Cash App


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Check out the pictures at the very bottom of this page for examples of the firewood that I have.




     Explanation of the different kinds of Wood

Red Oak-A great wood to burn in the backyard and fireplace.  It burns hot with few sparks. Red Oak splits fairly well, except where there are knots  It can be used in the BBQ, and some BBQers like it.  I really can't tell the difference between red and white oak for BBQing.  I have red oak firewood in abundance. 

White Oak-A great wood to burn in the backyard and fireplace.  It burns hot with few sparks.  A little more difficult to split than red oak.  Some people like white oak for the BBQ because it gives a little more heat.  Texas BBQers like white oak or post oak, a species of white oak.  I sell small split, barkless white oak for BBQing.

I sell red and white oak, small and medium split mixed together since they are similar.


Hickory-A great wood to use for the BBQ, pizza oven, wood stove and fireplace.  It is a stringy wood that is difficult to split.  It will burn hot and give a nutty or as some say a bacon smell to smoke. (Hickory smoked bacon) If you are looking for heat, BTUs, hickory is better than oak.  I split Hickory for BBQ wood and pizza oven wood, but it great for the fireplace or fire pit.  It costs a little more than Oak because it is less abundant and is harder to split, but it gives you more heat.

Cherry-I have very little of this wood, it just is not abundant in our area like oak and hickory.  It gives a mild smoke but doesn't burn as hot as oak or hickory.  Could I even say that it has a fruity smoke, it is a fruit tree.  I process this in smaller quantities for those who want to smoke meat.

How to take care of your Firewood

     Most Firewood that is freshly split is about 30%-45% moisture content.  The goal is to get it below 20%. We will never get rid of all the moisture, but it is possible to get firewood in the mid teens.  A way to tell that firewood is dry is to take 2 pieces of firewood and hit them together.  The firewood will sound like a bowling ball hitting the pins.  Wet firewood makes a dull thud.  Oak and Hickory take about 1 year to dry down outside depending on the size of the split.  As I said before, unsplit wood has bark on the outside and holds the moisture in.  Firewood needs heat (air temp and/or the sun) and wind (air circulation) to dry.  Firewood dries in the winter with lower humidity, air circulation and the sun (heat) but it dries faster in the summer.  Of course a kiln speeds up the process, heat and circulation, but most people don't have one so we use the sun and wind to our advantage.

   Stack your firewood above the ground.   If you put your firewood on the dirt it will take the moisture from the ground and never dry.  A cement slab is OK, but a firewood rack is better,  that allows more air circulation.  Storing your wood in the garage is a great place if the wood is already dry.

  Should you cover your firewood?  If it is already dry, it is not necessary, but if you want to, only cover the top.  Rain will shed off the uncovered wood and only the outside gets wet and that will dry quickly.  I have so much wood that I can't cover it all and it all dries.   If I do cover it, I only cover the very top as I want air circulation.  One thing that really slows down the drying process is snow.  Snow sits on the wood and slowly melts onto the wood.  Wood that is wet on the outside for a long time of course can not dry.


Let's talk about knots

Many people want firewood that looks nice.  But the knotty pieces are the ones that burn the hottest and longest.  This is because the wood grain is very tight around the knots.  So when you see a knotty, ugly piece of firewood, think, that's a beautiful burning piece of wood







 HICKORY Chunks for BBQ

CHERRY Chunks for BBQ

Small split White Oak and Hickory, no bark for smoking meat

Oak, Hickory and Cherry 4"- 8" lengths for Mesa Solo stoves, Offset BBQ, Pizza Ovens, Mini Pizza Ovens and Chiminea fireplaces

Ranger Solo Stoves will take 12" firewood

Bonfire, Yukon and Canyon Solo Stoves will take 16" Firewood


Bag of kindling with 12 starters


Inexpensive Boiler heating wood


Great for Campfires, Pizza Ovens, Mini Pizza Ovens, Chiminea fireplaces, Indoor Fireplaces, High-Efficiency stoves, Smokers, and BBQs


Smaller Quantities of Firewood

This wood is delivered in large Ikea bags.  It is specialty wood for BBQ firewood, pizza ovens, mini-pizza ovens, Mesa Solo stoves and chiminea fireplaces.  Free delivery in the Clark to Columbia area with orders over $50.


1/32nd of a cord (4 inches x 3' x 4') 4 cubic ft-This wood is for mini-pizza ovens, Mesa Solo stoves or chiminea fireplaces

Compared to buying this wood online, you are getting a much better value [.75 cubic ft online is $35, for a little more money, you would get over 5 times more wood and delivered free!]

Split smaller than my usual small split, comes in 2 large Ikea bags

White Oak, no bark $60

Hickory, no bark $70

Cherry $ 80

A mix of all 3 kinds of wood $70


1/16th of a cord (8 inches x 3' x 4') 8 cubic ft - This equals about 10 store-bought bundles but cut shorter. 

Delivered in 4 large Ikea bags

This is chiminea or BBQ firewood

White Oak, no bark  $70

Hickory, no bark $80

Cherry $90

A mix of all 3 kinds of wood $80

Each of these is delivered in 4 large Ikea bags


Hunks and Chunks -  I have Oak and Hickory that is cut at random lengths 4"-10"  I am splitting these into usable pieces.  This firewood can be knotty and will burn great.  (knotty firewood burns longer and hotter)   This firewood will be great for the offset smoker, backyard fire pit, Solo Stoves, mini pizza oven, and small high efficiency wood stoves.  

Large Ikea bag, over 2 cubic ft, the equivalent  of 3 store bought bundles- buy 5 bags for $50 for free delivery


Bag of Kindling with 12 starters   $10


Large Quantities of Firewood


For those who want to save money, I sell bulk dry firewood. The standard measurement for firewood is a cord, measuring 4' x 4' x 8', 128 cubic ft of wood.  I sell from 1/8 - 1/3 cord loads. Delivered to your driveway in the Clark to Columbia area.  Areas beyond this, we can talk about the extra fee. Stacking would be an extra fee.


1/8 of a cord (16 inches x 3' x 4')  16 cubic ft  -  This equals about 21 store-bought bundles


Red Oak and White Oak, medium split, some are small split  $70

Red and White Oak-Small split $80

White Oak, Small Split, no bark select firewood (For smoking meat, or you can burn it)  $100

Hickory-small to medium split  $90

Hickory-Small Split, no bark select firewood (For smoking meat, or you can burn it) $110


1/4 of a cord (16 inches x 4' x 6')  32 cubic ft  -  This equals about 42 store-bought bundles


Mixed Hardwood Medium split (The wood will be a variety of hardwoods and a variety of lengths, 14"-18".  I'll make sure you  get your money's worth)  $110-- Currently, waiting for this firewood to dry fully

Red oak and white oak (medium split, some are small split)  $120

Hickory (small to medium split) $140


1/3 of a cord (16 inches x 4' x 8')  42.6 cubic ft  - This equals about 56 store-bought bundles  (2 pictures below in pickup, both pickup loads are 1/3 of a cord.  1 picture of stacked, the other loose thrown)


Red and white oak (medium split, some are small split)  $140

​Hickory  (small to medium split) $160


Bag of Kindling with 12 starters   $10


12" Lengths 

These are split a little bigger, 3"-4" in diameter.  Most people have a shorter stove to burn this firewood.


1/8 of a cord (12 inch cut x 4' x 4') 16 cubic ft  

Red and white oak  $100                                          


1/4 of a cord (12 inch cut x 8' x 4')  32 cubic ft  (I have 1/2 Cord left)

Red and white oak  $150


For those who really want to save money, I have "odds and ends" firewood.  When I split wood, from time to time I get knotty or short or ugly pieces of wood.   I also have sawmill cutoffs  mixed in.  I throw them in a pile because they don't stack well.  These pieces will burn but they are not "pretty" firewood.  (All dry wood burns)  Some are big chunks, some small chunks and various species of wood.    If you are looking for cheap boiler heating wood this is it.   If you are looking for cheap odds and ends, this is it.  If you are looking for what I call "overnighters" there are many in the pile.

(Check out the picture below of the big pile of wood)

Odds and Ends Boiler Wood, the equivalent of 1/3 cord, (really more) tossed in my truck delivered $100  (if you just want medium wood, I can pick those out so you don't get the big pieces)

If you pick up with your truck, tossed in 1/3 of a cord, (really more) $50

If you bring a trailer, I will figure accordingly, but don't worry, you will get the better deal.



Specialty Wood



Large Hollow Log - (With A Magic Color Packet)

  • 1 Log & Packet $10 (LIMITED AVAILABILITY - Log may be any of the three types of wood)

How it works: Start a campfire. When the campfire has become hot coals, place the hollow log upright in the center of the campfire. Once the log has caught fire in the middle, drop an unopened magic pack down the center of the log, and watch the colorful display! Great for parties, camping trips, and holidays. 



Chunks of Hickory

  • Chunks of Hickory mesh bag, .75 cubic ft.  (See the picture below)  Pieces range from 2" -4" chunks  $15 a bag,
  • 4 bags for $ 55 and free delivery in the Clark to Columbia area


Chunks of Cherry

  • Chunks of Cherry mesh bag, .75 cubic ft.  Pieces range from 2"-5", more odd shapes because Cherry is a crooked tree  $18 a bag
  • 3 bags for $50 and free delivery in the Clark to Columbia area


Chunks of Oak

  • Chunks of Oak mesh bag, .75 cubic ft.  Pieces range from 2" - 4" chunks $10 a bag
  • 6 bags for $55 and free delivery in the Clark to Columbia area 


Offset BBQ Firewood Special

1/16th of a cord of dry, 8" oak in 4 large Ikea bags +1 mesh bag of Hickory chunks +1 mesh bag of Cherry chunks  $90

(See picture below)


Any special order of firewood that you need? 

Give me a call and let's see if I can make it for you.


(573) 631-3210 

Call or Text to Set Up Delivery


Monday - Saturday

Give me a call to set up a delivery time


General Inquiries

1/16 of a cord of Oak and 2 bags of wood chunks

 1/32 of a cord 4" White Oak in 2 large Ikea bags

Hickory and Cherry Chunks 


Boiler heater wood


Bag of Kindling    ( basketball for reference)


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